coaching for singers 

My commitment is to empower you to be the best “you” that you can be on stage --- that you learn what you need so that when you are on stage performing for an audience, you have  …


We offer several different classes & coaching options for singers,

and will continue to create and collaborate on new formats and classes.  

In all our performance-related programs, we work on defining styles, how to make the song your own, lyric interpretation, mic technique, owning the stage, revealing the statement you are making through your music, building an entertaining show, etc.   Our commitment is to help you reach your next level of performance from wherever you start.


Master class series (6 weeks), each session running approximately 3 hours.  Teaching alongside an accomplished accompanist, the coaches will FOCUS on lyric interpretation, patter, stage presence, musicality, development of your own solo show, etc.  You can work on one song for the majority of the classes or one song a session. This series is designed to help you navigate from where you are to where you want to be musically and as an entertainer. If you cannot make an entire 6-session series, you can "drop in" for one or two classes to work on something special, with at least a one week notice. Class size will be limited to a maximum of 6 participants for the full series, affording more individual attention. Please contact me for more info


I am honored to be working with two talented Bay Area jazz pianists/recording engineers in co-leading these classes. We offer two classes - one in San Francisco, in collaboration with David Austin at Diamond Audio Productions, and in Sebastopol in collaboration with John Simon at J Dog Studio.

This highly successful 4-session program, is a hands-on practicum on CD recording - a perfect class in which to learn recording studio technique, jargon, and process. This learning will save you time and money when you are ready to record a full-length CD. At the end of this 4-week session you will walk away with a 2-song mixed demo CD for voice, piano & bass. 
Limited to 3-4 participants

If you have never worked in a studio or made a studio recording, this might be the perfect thing for you.  If you already recorded a CD or a demo in a studio, perhaps you want to record a few new songs that you have recently added to your repertoire; songs that show a different side of your work or material for audition or demo purposes.  

 Again, contact me by email for more information