Easy Come, Easy Go the music of Johnny Green

This 17-song CD by Bistro Award Winning vocalist Kosut, includes “Body And Soul" [lyrics: Edward Heyman] ... the #1 song on the Jazz Standard Charts, 80+ years after it was released.

TRACKS 1. The Turntable Song 2. Hello My Lover, Goodbye 3. I Cover The Waterfront 4. Foolish Baby 5. There's a Ring Around The Moon 6. Betty Boop 7. Am I In Another World 8. I Wanna Be Loved 9. You Wanna Keep Your Baby Looking Right 10. I'm Yours 10. Easy Come, Easy Go 12. I Love A Mystery 13. Candlelight 14. Derry Down Dilly 15. Body And Soul 16. Gonna Fall In Love With You 17. Never 'Til Now/The Song Of Raintree County

PERSONNEL Vocals - Linda Kosut; Piano & Arrangments - Mike Greensill; Bass - Tom Shader; Drums - Alan Hall; Violin - Jeremy Cohen

"EASY COME, EASY GO", the music of Johnny Green, has been a labor of love. Kosut first discovered the depth and breadth of his music only after having found the song, "Easy Come, Easy Go" [lyrics, Edward Heyman]. "I am embarrassed to say that I did not know his accomplishments, and there are many." Among the 100+ songs he wrote for film and stage, is "Body And Soul" written in 1930, it is still the #1 song on the Jazz Standards charts. He is also a 5-time Oscar winner for the scoring of musical films. Aside from being a prolific composer, he was a "monster pianist. Seriously, he had an extraordinary career which I would love to share with you."

The CD was produced & arranged by the jazz pianist, arranger and author, Mike Greensill, along with bassist Tom Shader, drummer Alan Hall and violinist Jeremy Cohen.

Born in 1908 in Rockaway, NY, Mr. John Waldo Green’s career included work in New York theatre and Hollywood where he was nominated for 14 Oscars for musical scoring, winner of 5, arranger & orchestra leader, music director at MGM, and composer of tunes with other American Songbook collaborators - famed lyricists such as Edward Heyman, Johnny Mercer, Yip Harburg, Gus Kahn, Ted Koehler and many others.

Linda Kosut developed a tribute show to Mr. Green with the help of Mike Greensill; prior to going into the studio to record the CD, the show was performed many times to nearly sold-out houses in San Francisco and to excellent reviews.

“Kosut does more than justice to the material and enhances it with her effervescence and charm.” - Steve Murray, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

“She delivered her material with reassured delight in a throaty alto voice - showing the versatility of the very talented Johnny Green's melodies.” - Richard Connema, Talkin’ Broadway

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